Spring Boot Security and H2 console

The configuration shown below should be used only in a development environment and not in production.

After enabling Spring Security in your Spring Boot application, you will not be able to access the H2 database console anymore.

With its default settings under Spring Boot, Spring Security will block access to H2 database console.

To be able to access to the H2 database console under Spring Security you need to change these four things:

  • Enable h2 console in your application.properties file

  • Allow all access to the URL path /console/*.

  • Disable CRSF (Cross-Site Request Forgery). By default, Spring Security will protect against CRSF attacks.

  • Since the H2 database console runs inside a frame, you need to disable this in Spring Security.

So, the very, very simple security configuration that allows you to access h2-console should look like:


After applying these changes and trying to access your h2-console


You should see h2-console login page:


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